Review of Sense and Sensibility

Summary of Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility tells the story of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, two young women in England, around 1800. In the beginning of the book, Elinor and Marianne are shaken by the death of their father. They, along with their mother and younger sister, move to Barton Cottage, and meet a memorable cast of characters throughout the book. Good-humored, matchmaking Mrs. Jennings, and her cool and poised daughter, Lady Middleton. Reserved, yet kind, Colonel Brandon, and cunning Lucy Steele, to name a few. The story centers around Elinor and Marianne finding suitable husbands. Through love at first sight, betrayal, and some unexpected twists, will Elinor and Marianne ever find love?

My Thoughts of Sense and Sensibility

I enjoyed reading this classic novel. The distinct characters were fun to read about, and the complicated twists in the story manage to lead to a happy ending! This is definitely not a modern book, and some parts were a little hard to understand, since Jane Austen published Sense and Sensibility in 1811. I really liked how Marianne, especially, grew into a woman by the end of the book. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys classic stories or historical romance.