Review of Little Women

Summary of Little Women

In Little Women, Louisa May Alcott welcomes us into the world of the March sisters. Each girl has her own unique personality, which makes the story feel true to life. We read about Meg’s longing for a family of her own, Jo’s love of writing, Beth’s sweet nature, Amy’s desire for beautiful things, and the neighbor boy, Laurie, who adds a boyish aspect.

The March sisters have a strong, loving bond, but the story isn’t without some conflict. From burnt curls to stained gloves, to the ever-present problem of being poor, the sisters have their share of trials. And when Jo and Amy’s personalities clash, a feud begins. Will they make peace before it goes too far?

My thoughts on Little Women

This is one of my favorite books! I could relate to each of the girls in some way. I loved how they grew throughout the story, and how all the characters had strengths along with imperfections. Marmee is such a loving mother, and Father is kind and gentle. I felt like a part of the March family after reading this.

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