Review of A Lantern in Her Hand

A Lantern in Her Hand Summary

A Lantern in Her Hand tells the story of fictional Abbie Deal, one of the first women to settle in Nebraska. We first meet eight-year-old Abbie, who has big dreams for her life. Perhaps she will become a singer, or maybe an artist. But when she is offered the opportunity to marry rich Ed Matthews and travel to New York to sing, Abbie chooses instead to marry quiet, kind, Will Deal, whom she truly loves. Will and Abbie travel by covered wagon to a new and promising land- Nebraska. As it turns out, Nebraska is full of hardship. Drought and grasshoppers threaten the settler’s crops. But amidst the difficult times, Abbie and Will find joy in their children and their love for each other.

My Thoughts on A Lantern in Her Hand

I loved this book. Touching and sweet, it’s like the author, Bess Streeter Aldrich, gives us a peek into what one woman’s life might have looked like over one hundred years ago. Besides Abbie, two of my favorite characters are Will’s father, Grandpa Deal, and Abbie’s granddaughter Laura. Grandpa Deal is so funny and easygoing, and I love the bond Abbie and Laura share. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the Little House on the Prairie series.

Similar Books I’ve Read

  • Little House on the Prairie Series
  • Any of Lauraine Snelling or Janette Oke’s books

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